Vector™ Magnetic Level Indicator

Vector is a rugged, reliable and cost-effective Magnetic Level Indicator (MLI). Suitable for a variety of installations, Vector is precision-engineered and manufactured to ensure a long service life. Vector is built to the highest quality standards and is equipped with a high-visibility indicator which has a shatter-resistant viewing window. The Vector MLI virtually eliminates maintenance and is a great replacement for hard-to-see, leaky, sight and gauge glass indicators. Optional switches and transmitters are available to provide various output signals for level control.

Measurement Principles

A float travels up and down in a chamber that is mounted to a liquid containing vessel. The float contains a magnetic assembly that interacts with an externally-mounted visual indicator. As the float follows the liquid surface or liquid-liquid interface, the magnetic field causes highly contrasting flags in the visual indicator to rotate. The result is a clearly defined representation of the liquid level in the vessel.


Rugged, industrial-grade construction
Field adjustable visual indicator for convenient viewing
Continuous measuring range up to 216 in. (549 cm.)
Compatible with electronic point switches and continuous level transmitters
Media specific gravity as low as 0.54


Feedwater heaters
Oil/water separators
Flash drums
Surge tanks
Gas chillers
Storage tanks......and many others


Electronic Point Level Switches
Continuous Level Transmitters
High temperature insulation

Technology of the Vector™ Magnetic Level Indicator

The appeal of magnetic level indicators is total isolation of the process within a sealed piping column. Elimination of leaking seals, clouded glasses, broken glass tubing, plus easy access cleaning and adaptation to a variety of mounting styles and process connections. Availability of switches and transmitters adds to their desirability by providing a much less expensive system that a buildup of sight glasses, alarm switches and transmitters, all separately piped to the vessel.

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