Modulevel® pneumatic liquid level controls are displacement actuated level sensors that provide output signals in direct proportion to changes in liquid level. Simple modular design and the MAGNETROL proven magnetic coupling make MODULEVEL controls versatile, highly stable, vibration resistant and adaptable to extremes in temperature and pressure.

Operating Principle

The key elements of the MODULEVEL pneumatic control are the magnetic coupling, which allows the controller to be mechanically isolated from the sealed sensing unit; the range spring, which converts the change in buoyancy force on the displacer into motion; and the controller head, which provides a modulated pneumatic signal in direct proportion to the motion of the spring.


- Steam generator feedwater heater regulation
- Fractionating column level transmitter
- Ethanolamine level transmitter
- Vent gas scrubber level control
- Drip pot condensate level control
- Flash tank level transmitter
- Boiler level control


- Stable output signal is unaffected by surface turbulence
- Standard models handle pressures to 4265 psig (294 bar)
- Good for process temps. from -150° to +700° F (-100° to +370° C)
- Visual indicator is independent of air supply
- Accurate output signal provided over a wide specific gravity range
- 316 stainless steel displacer and trim
- Controller head may be removed without disturbing pressure boundary
- Easily calibrated without moving tank liquid level, for reduced installation time and cost


- Pneumatic to current interface transducer for electronic control
- Electric high and low limit switches
- Sealed or flanged chambers
- Direct or reverse acting output signal
- Level ranges from 14 to 120 inches (356 to 3048 mm)
- Transmitter or differential gap options


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